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Casey Petersen-Shewfelt

Be the change you want


About Casey

I am a mother to three Gourgous girls who drives me to change the way women view themselves. I've struggled with my weight starting at an early age. It was a long battle, dealing not only with my weight, but anxiety, depression and self worth. I worked in the early childhood field for 13 years, and worked as a victim advocate for 3yrs. I know my calling is to help women to know their worth and be comfortable with the body God has given them. I've gone through the coaching myself and decided to get my certification. Both have got me to a much happier place in my life. I want women to experience the same. So many women struggle with their weight every single day. I want to make a ripple effort in women's health that will change the way women feel and look for the next generation. Let's chat!

  • Alaska, United States