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About Lynn

I felt crushed by the needs of the adults.

I felt unavailable to to the needs of students and to do the job of a good principal, wife, and mother.

I was tired, unhappy, and stressed, because I had too much on my plate.

I woke up early. I worked late.

I thought if I could just work harder, I’d get there.

Turns out . . .

You can't "keep all the spinning plates in the air" your way to happiness.

Believe me . . . I tried.

The solve for stress...
It isn't PEOPLE management.

It’s MIND management.

That’s right. You don’t need the plan on how change people, places, and things. You need a plan for you.

One where your well-being, not your work-load and other's actions, gets to be the top priority.

Sounds impossible? It’s not. I’ll show you.

I work solely 1-on-1 with women who desire less stress and a growth mindset.

I help them start living lives with less stress and far more fulfillment.

  • California, United States
Who I Help
  • Educators
  • Retired women
  • Women in search of purpose
  • Women who want companions
  • Women who want happy relationships
  • Women with anxiety