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About Miriam

I am an intuitive who loves being a life coach, so I decided to combine them together to create a powerful mastermind where you learn to show up as yourself, listen to your own intuition, and build a business that will sustain and love you!

Together with my partner, Jen Frey Master Coach, we work with coaches to help them shorten their trajectory to a sustainable 6-Figure business by creating a solid foundation of being Trauma Informed, Creating Safety through Inner Child and Shadow work, Feminine Time Management, and using Intuition and Human Design to identify your unique business strategy.

I also work with a few clients one-to-one, with Inner Child, Shadow work and Human Design.

And for those who love the woo side of life, I read Akashic Records and readings can be done to help you with align with your purpose, your design, as well as questions regarding business or life.

  • North Carolina, United States