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Lori Frison

End relationship struggles and get to what matters.


About Lori

I have over two decades of experience guiding people to greater clarity and the skills they need to find and keep healthy happy love in their lives.

A the core, I help people do relationships different. They find new ways of relating that support them in truly building and keeping high quality relationships.

I believe we all came to earth to love and be loved but our life experiences and conditioning can take us down the wrong path. At some point, we have to wake up and find the path that's right for us.

I guide people to overcome their blocks, connect to what's important and make choices that serve their their wellbeing in relationships and love. This covers the process of finding a new love partner who check's all the boxes, to working through the challenges of keeping a relationship vibrant, and even into dissolving a relationship with consciousness and grace.

I created the Redefining Love coaching program to help people discover how to have deep authentic connections with others. This program elevates the way a person engages in relationship with themselves and others.

  • Wisconsin, United States
  • Calling in the One Coach Training
  • Certified Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach
  • Institute for Life Coach Training
  • International Coach Federation member