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About Diana

šŸš€ When you are ready for fast, fun and highly effective transformation, then welcome to "Your Life Your Way". I have "been around the block" quite a few times so know exactly what you are going through thanks to my over 30 years experience in the Industry as well as highly acclaimed research in how you can do what you came here to do with ease and grace.

ā‡¢ Coaching & Training since 1989
ā‡¢ Psychosomatic Illness therapist since 2004
ā‡¢ Best Selling Author & International Speaker
ā‡¢ Creator the Personality & Needs ProfileĀ®
ā‡¢ Founder of Your Life Your Way Academy
ā‡¢ Awarded Top 100 Women Achievers 2018

Growing up in a huge, midwestern USA family, with over 250 relatives, I realised at a young age that each person was unique. ThisĀ environmentĀ sparked my interest in knowing what made each person tick. šŸ‘ In 1980, I received a scholarship to University to study medicine but after a year understood that I was not interested in fixing illnesses. I wanted to prevent them.

I wanted people to get along, be happy andĀ live their potential after witnessingĀ adult behavioursĀ ranging fromĀ domestic violence toĀ total love and respect.Ā Even though my degree from Miami University was inĀ Business & Marketing, my preferences tended to Human Resources.Ā 

ā£ļø Moving to Europe in 1984 after graduation, I became an Entrepreneur in Germany offering a wide variety of serviced to Americans abroad, then subsequently became a Corporate Trainer & Team Building Specialist in Italy from 1988 on.

Each of my 4 pregnancies allowed me to slow down and research more about Unique Individual Programming, Human Potential and take part in high level Energetic & Spiritual work. Reverse engineering my experience as a Psychosomatic illness therapist, in 2004 I created the Personality & Needs ProfileĀ® šŸŽ‰ and this revolutionary "biological" Coaching Methodology.

šŸ˜ My hundreds of clients in over 20 countries of the world say I know them better than they know themselves. I feel honoured and responsible to guide them to be their best. It is thanks to having simplified complex concepts like Personality and put them into a fun, "game board" like process that they all thrive in their life, relationships and career. And you can too!

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  • Florida, United States
  • Certified DiSC
  • Certified Enneagram
  • Certified Strength Finders
  • Certified Team Building Specialist
  • Creator Your Life Your Way Methodology
  • Psychosomatic Illness therapist
Who I Help
  • Coaches to Gain Clarity & Confidence
  • Entrepreneurs to Increase Motivation
  • People Deciding New Career Options
  • People Looking for Meaning & Fulfillment
  • Women Transitioning into Better