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About Beverly

Hi, I'm Beverly and my company is CAYA Coach Bev LLC. Come As You Are, that’s what CAYA stands for and what sums up my approach to coaching. I am passionate about helping the modern professional woman. I believe every woman who has worked tirelessly to reach a level of achievement in her career is not defined by her job. She is more than the sum of all her contributions in her various roles in society yet she is also an individual who has needs, wants, and desires but perhaps she’s lost the connection to that part of herself that has long been buried underneath all the noise in her life.

If this is you, I invite you to come as you are, rediscover what makes your heart sing without sacrificing what you worked so hard for. Now’s the time to refocus on that which is most important to you. Without guilt, excuses, or apologies.


I hold the space for my clients to fully achieve all that they want through transforming their mindset, realigning with their values and facilitating habit change. I work to align women's behavior and actions to their values so that they can fully achieve what their hearts desire. I believe that only until one becomes fully aware of who they are and evaluate and change the stories they tell themselves that may no longer serve them, change cannot happen. So I work tirelessly with my clients to go on a self-discovery journey to transform themselves from within to reach their fullest potential.

To provide a path for the women I serve to have complete fulfillment in their lives I focus on the following areas:

I help you prioritize the various demands on your life in a way that puts focus on the important things first and still puts YOU front and center.

I help you rediscover hidden passions that are in alignment with your values, so you have a new zest for life and you get to love YOU again.

I help bring back that joy you haven’t experienced in a while through a lens of someone who can slow down enough to enjoy all that is in front of her.

  • Illinois, United States
  • Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • new moms
  • women
  • women experiencing life transitions
  • women juggling multiple roles
  • women undergoing major life changes
  • women who feel stuck
  • women who have lost their purpose or joy
  • women with anxiety
  • working women