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Sonia Simone

Business and marketing coaching for small-scale entrepreneurs


About Sonia

I was a co-founder of Copyblogger Media, and during my time there I wrote around 1.3 million words of content, and sold many millions of dollars in digital products and services. I also created and ran their certification program for content creators — which remains probably the most rigorous certification in that market.

My Coursera content marketing strategy course, taught in conjunction with the University of California at Davis, has taught more than 300,000 students, and has a 97% approval rating.

I sold my interest in Copyblogger i n 2019, and today I work with a small number of founders and freelancers to coach business and marketing strategy, as well as mindset and consistent execution.

I work particularly well with writers and other creative founders, as well as ADHD folks.

I can help with:

- Quitting the things you aren’t good at … or that you just hate doing
- Building a realistic marketing plan for your business (this is helpful if you're spending every second of your time serving clients)
- Tweaking business models that aren’t working like they used to
- Adapting to new challenges (for example, let’s say, global pandemics)
- Gaining better visibility and a more effective message
- Fixing a conversion problem (when your audience just ain’t buying)
- Planning for sustainable growth
- Growing and managing a team
- Getting better balance as a business owner

I take an "anti guru" approach, and I don't believe in selling magic bullets, either in my business or in yours.

  • Colorado, United States
Who I Help
  • Digital business owners
  • Freelance professionals
  • Small-scale founders
  • Solopreneurs