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Coach Rose

Be the Author of Your Life


About Coach

Coach Rose, holds professional certification as a Life Coach, specializing in Mental Health and Grief. As a Mental Health and Grief Specialist, Coach Rose uses Real Life circumstances as a form of her coaching methods. In addition to mental health and grief, she has also studied death education through both the sudden traumatic Death of her youngest child. She knew, by using self teaching methods, self-isolation, completing a variety of mental health and grief mini courses and attending weekly support groups that she would gain the knowledge and experience she needed to be successful with accomplishing her Vision.

Coach Rose, has taken specialized courses through other professional online training which include The Transformation Academy and Udemy Academy, self paced online training’s just to name a couple. She enjoys supporting adults and teens through their own recovery journey, just as much as she love’s, dancing, spending time with family, dining out and taking quiet walks, as a form of meditation. Coach Rose made it a habit to Love and Care for herself the same way God Loves and Cares for us All.

Her nonprofit organization consist of 3 Group Dad’s, 2 Group Mom’s and several volunteers. Rosemary planted the seeds of this new NATION that is now spreading like a WildFire and she knows this pandemic will never end. She continues to develop as she bridges and connects the Mental Health and Grief worlds together.

Peace of Mind Life Services, Inc. is a place where “Each One Helps One” person Experiencing Mental Health and Grief symptoms at a time.

“God/The Universe is my Dead son’s witness and My Dead son is My Peace of Mind

  • Georgia, United States
  • Grief Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Mental Health Coach