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About Mariam

Hello and thanks for checking me out!

My name is Mariam and I live in Chicago at the moment. I have worked in business and in Education both in the US and overseas. Through working on myself and discovering what life is about, I have developed the wisdom to know what serves me and what doesn't, and I can help you in your life journey too.

I have been a coach for several years and have been doing this alongside teaching and writing. I am dedicated to self-improvement, wisdom, mastery while at the same time accepting myself the way I am and where I am in my journey. I have met many people who have been instrumental to my growth in life and I am forever grateful. The road ahead will not always be a bed of roses, but I like to experience the journey, reflect on it and see the goodness throughout.

I am certified to work on an individual basis and also as a team and group coach. I love to work with businesspeople, expats, career changers, those who are in transition, those who have young adults at home as well as those who are empty nesters who have pets. I had a dog for 13 years and now have a cat (will be 2 cats soon). I am active in my church and enjoy making music, dancing and creative crafts.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

  • Illinois, United States
  • Mariam Mazboudi
Who I Help
  • entrepreneurs, business people, expat workers and spouses, families with teens,