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About Julie Gaye

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself .... I am a Life, Relationship, Divorce, Blended Family & Career Coach - Julie Gaye Murphy from MOJO Your Life Today. Based in Brisbane, Australia.

I’m so happy you’re here, you multi-passionate creative superstar !

And I bet I know a thing or two about you already…

You’re a talented, loving, driven woman working her way at what is considered a good career, whilst being a Wifey or Partner and a Mumma Bear. So basically you are on call 24/7!

You have many interests, and love learning new things. Possibly considering a new way of life following a separation or divorce. Or maybe you have hit that magical age of 50+ and been made Redundant, or your marriage is no longer fulfilling your basic needs.

You’re a woman who isn’t afraid to getting her hands dirty. In fact, maybe you work a little too much. You spend most of your time worrying about all your responsibilities, taking care of others, making sure things get done and probably a proverbial people pleaser too boot!

But the thing is... Something’s missing from YOUR life. You have a hunch that everything should be easier and more beautiful and fulfilling than it is. You wish you had more time, so you wouldn’t have to run around playing catch-up with your to-do list all the time.

Your yearning for more purpose, joy, happiness in your life.

You have big ideas, things you’re passionate about, but you have doubts and fears about how you can get there.

Ask yourself some simple life questions....

What truly makes me happy?
Where do I even start?
Can I actually do it?

I may just be able to help you choose a path to your newer, happier and more positive LIFE.

So let's connect and have a chat!

Jules xo

MOJO Coaching

E: [email protected]
M: +61402840389

Areas of Expertise:
 Life + Career Coach
 StepMom - Blended Family Coach
 Relationship + Divorce Coach
 Women over 50 Confidence Coach

  • Australia
Who I Help
  • Blended Families
  • Celebrities + Influencers
  • Families seeking guidance on day to day life dramas + management
  • Married, Separated or Divorced Women
  • Retirees
  • Small Business Owners - Staff Management and Teamwork Development
  • StepMoms
  • Women Career builders
  • Women encountering key relationship issues
  • Women experiencing major Life Changes - Redundancy or Relationship breakdown
  • Women in the Dating World
  • Women of all ages, particularly the over 50's age bracket
  • Women over 50
  • Women seeking to build their Self-esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Women seeking to improve their Life or Career choices
  • Women wanting to seek guidance and clarity - Personal Development
  • Women who need to build their Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Women who seek a clarity and a happier, more fulfilling LIFE
  • Women with Anxiety and/or Mental Health issues
  • Women with Relationship Issues