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About Deirdre

I am a somatic coach, artist, musician, meditator, and single mother of neurodivergent trans and non-binary teens. I am on fire to help people, mostly women, bring forth their fullest destiny, live into their dreams, and to find the deepest peace.

I have been professionally engaged in the process of creating for my entire adult life, and understand that the process of manifesting is the exact same process as producing a new show, creating an album, making a dance - manifesting simply applies the process to life, not just art.
I am an expert in movement, having worked as a choreographer, dancer, yoga teacher (ashtanga, vinyasa flow, prenatal, hatha, yin, meditation), acroyoga teacher, hand balancer, and aerial dancer. I am exceptionally qualified to help people find the internal truth that resonates with their body, and the process of finding this brings both myself and my clients to life. My coaching training is through the fabulous Martha Beck Institute.

  • Ireland