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About Yvette

As a daughter, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, partner, and member of society, I have seen how unresolved mental health issues affect people and their loved ones. As a result of this, I spent over two years as a mental health counselor with a tele-mental health company. However, it still was not enough. I still found myself not being fulfilled when helping others. I was not able to pour into and support people to the degree I wanted. I want to help people change their mindsets to live better long-term with or without psychotropic medication. I want to support people and celebrate their wins with them! I want those people I am coaching to have access to their coach and support throughout their journey outside of the sessions, because you deserve it. So, I learned about life coaching and realized this was the recipe for me feeling fulfilled and being able to help people. So here we are:

With my background and professional training being in social work and counseling, I have experience working with individuals from different backgrounds and different beliefs. I utilize SMART goal setting, reframing thought processes, meditation, mindfulness, active listening, and other therapeutic and coaching tools to create a personalized coaching plan with every individual who collaborates with me.

One day or Day One, you decide!

Feel free to each out via email at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. You can also check out the packages I currently offer when you go to the website.

Happy Coach Shopping!!

  • New Jersey, United States
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Master's in Social Work
Who I Help
  • African American
  • Men
  • Non-binary People
  • Parents
  • Woman
  • Young Adults