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Safa Bee

It's time to give your business a GLOW up!


About Safa

You are a healer, service provider or coach who is passionate about your area of expertise and the results your clients experience when they work with you...

BUT! Between the hustle to bring in new clients, the chaos of tailoring your offers to each client's unique needs, and how much energy you're putting into your work versus how much income you're bringing in... the BUSINESS end of your business is just... NOT bringing you joy.

It's time to give your business a GLOW up! That's where I come in...

Working together, we're going to give your business a thorough audit: we need to understand what parts of your work bring you joy (and bring your client stellar results!), what parts of your business are causing friction and energy leaks, and where you're struggling.

We'll take all this information and develop a streamlined offer and systems that will allow you to skyrocket your income with ease, while maximizing results for your clients.

Once we've straightened out your offer and systems, we'll develop a hustle-free marketing and communications plan that will have your ideal client knocking at your door.

Lastly, we'll give your visual branding and website a gorgeous makeover, to make sure your digital presence sends a message that you are the go-to professional in your field.

The GLOW up signature system:

Get serious about what is working (and not!) in your business
Love it or leave it: give your biz a services & systems overhaul
Own your genius - and communicate it to the world!
Website and branding development that reflects your expertise

  • Florida, United States
Who I Help
  • alternative health providers
  • online coaches
  • online servie providers
  • small business owners
  • virtual assistants