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Kayla Prestwood

Well-being and success aren't mutually exclusive.


About Kayla

I have 10+ years of successfully leading and coaching individuals and teams as a senior leader and executive. I am most proud of having coached and led individuals to promotion and ensuring that each person is matched with a position that leaves them excited, engaged, and fulfilled. I have a Bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and have taken extensive leadership development training.

Managing your career alone can be daunting but with the right mentorship, coaching, and support, you can achieve the results you want. My career story is full of missteps, roadblocks, conflict, burnout, and exhaustion. I have walked in your shoes and come out on the other side a stronger person and professional. Having sacrificed my self and my sanity to my work for many years, I am deeply committed to helping others find their path achieving success by prioritizing their well-being first.

My services are tailored to:

1. Making a career change internally or externally

2. Navigating a return to work from maternity leave

3. College graduates entering the workforce

4. Resolving and preventing burnout

My approach is to align your core values and strengths with a fulfilling career in which you thrive. This is the foundation to work contributing to your well-being versus being a drain on it. As partners, we will use discovery, assessments and strategic planning to set a clear direction and then use execution and accountability to ensure you achieve meaningful results.

  • North Carolina, United States