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About Keisha

Children are my passion and I want to ensure children grow up feeling safe, secure and understood, while supporting parents by helping them to navigate and enjoy that process.
Relationships start with the attachment bonds that we form at the beginning of life. These bonds determine how we navigate relationships well into our adult lives.
My goal is to support children and their parents with education and encouragement on how to:
-understand their own attachment style
-formulate their own birth goals
-be intentional with building attachment bonds with their children
-raise emotionally intelligent children
-maximize their attachment bond
From your child’s development, to your parenting toolbox, I will help you gain the confidence needed to meet your child right where they are to ensure they grow up feeling safe, secure and understood.

  • California, United States
  • Child and Adolescent Development Degree
  • Education Development Coach
  • Foster Care Certified
  • Lactation Consultant DONA International
  • Trained Doula by DONA International
Who I Help
  • BIPOC community
  • blended families
  • children
  • fathers
  • foster families
  • mothers
  • pre/postnatal parents
  • teen moms