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T Keaton-Woods

Meet your dynamic self who has longed to live freely, and in the light.


About T

There is often the question of around my niche of coaching artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs. The answer is simply, "Where would we be with out the dreamers?"If there was no one to dreaming of what's next, writing books, acting in plays and movies, and playing songs that would be a pretty sad world to live in.These souls are so important to our shared lived experience.

By supporting those who create and are striving for what's next, those who comment on and document the world around us through their vision, those who see life just a little differently - I'm being a part of the change I want to see in the world. It is my belief that you the dreamers keep us moving forward with your dreams, and having safe internal place from which to do that work is imperative..

As a co-active trained coach who specializes in transformational coaching my passion is working with those seeking to make a shift. My greatest wish is to be Wonder Woman for your soul – so that you can become your own super heroine/hero and step into your most wondrous life. Let's raise your confidence, let you hear your own voice, and claim your self-authority

My particular calling is supporting clients in claiming their big bold visions – the things they’ve been afraid to whisper, even under the covers, and in the dark. I am here to help you release the authentic you.

My approach to coaching comes from my own life journey – which, as for many of us, has included a lot of trauma, a bit of drama, but most of all, a lot of doing the necessary internal work. I will bring the personal resilience in overcoming adversity that I feel has given me a particularly balanced approach to coaching into our work together. I pride myself on creating a safe space that not only creates soft places to land for clients, but also provides the right amount of “tough love” to keep you progressing. Because allowing oneself to be nurtured, but also finding independence and strength are two equally essential parts to living our most exhilarating lives. My desire is to be your guide as you as you forge your own path to choosing you, your vision, and your voice from a place of unconditional love for your true self.

  • California, United States
Who I Help
  • Artists
  • Creatives
  • Entertainers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Female Founders
  • New Mothers