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About Jenny

Hi, my name is Jenny Serata. I'm a certified health and life coach with a passion to help women find their wings. God has called me to minister to women who have experienced oppression and abuse in their marriage or other relationships.

I have a background as an LPN, and I use a holistic approach in my coaching.

Are you a survivor of domestic abuse who is experiencing...

*Negative thoughts, low self-worth, and a loss of purpose and identity
*Anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, or hormone imbalances
*Uncertainty about your relationship with God and His love for you
*Feelings of loneliness, abandonment, and isolation
*Lack of clarity, confusion, and fear around your future

Your holistic healing journey starts here!

*Break free from your own negative thought patterns and find freedom from the toxic opinions, and words of others
*Learn to understand, appreciate and manage your emotions
*Experience restorative movement and rest to manage stress and calm your nervous system
*Create healthy lifestyle and nutritional habits to increase your energy and vitality
*Experience deeper intimacy with God and discover fresh provision and healing through worship and meditation

For more information, please schedule a complimentary discovery session. This session is 30 minutes, by phone or zoom. Here's the link to schedule-

I would be honored to walk alongside you on your journey, and compassionately coach you through the barriers that stand in the way of your healing, growth, and transformation!

  • Tennessee, United States
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Christian women who have been impacted by abuse
  • Women who are ready to renew their minds
  • Women with chronic health issues