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Elizabeth Sabet

Inner Power Mastery - Holistic, Integrative, Prosperous


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth uses her background in business consulting, coaching, entrepreneurship, spiritual integration support and education (President of The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences), and administrative law dispute resolution (Dispute Resolution Officer for the State of Texas) to teach her clients how to negotiate and monetize their life on their own terms using psycho-spiritual developmental tools, strategies, and planning to help her clients live a fully authentic and lucrative lifestyle.

Elizabeth Sabet empowers people with a calling to make the world a better place and those who are ready to level up personally, professionally, and spiritually.

In her private practice, she works with The Spirit Path Coaching Method she created based on her spiritual connection and experiences throughout her life and the integration challenges she faced to create a life she loves. Trained in Parts Coaching (Voice Dialogue) and many other coaching processes and healing modalities, Elizabeth is an expert at using the ancient art of Self-Inquiry and Depth Value Assessment, a process she created to empower her clients to reach the success and results they seek while staying in integrity to their highest values.

From 7 figure business owners to teenagers, her depth coaching process supports clients in developing profound clarity while eliminating their money and worthiness blocks so they can answer their calling and fulfill their goals and dreams.

Elizabeth Sabet’s philosophy is simple – She believes that giving voice to your Spirit is essential when deciding on the trajectory of your life, career, business activities, and relationships to create successful and sustainable results. By profoundly connecting to what is hidden within yourself, both the light and shadow, you learn what you came here to learn and are more likely to create and complete what you came here to create. Elizabeth Sabet provides a proven step-by-step method and practices to help people successfully actualize their calling and navigate the changes and growth they face as they integrate their highest values into their daily lives and careers.

Elizabeth also created the Institute of Transformational and Transpersonal Coaching to provide world-class coaching education. Her signature course, Spiritual Integration Coaching Certification, is the NEXT evolution of coaching that integrates life-altering experiences and awakenings and supports clients to embrace and answer their calling.

  • Texas, United States