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Leo DaLynx

Pathways to Emotional, Psychological and Financial Freedom


About Leo

I coach women, especially female entrepreneurs who want and need to make more money. I help my clients grow their salaries or businesses while finding a healthy balance between career, relationships and their mental and physical wellness. I can easily find out what your blocks are and get you on your way to more financial abundance.

The question is:

Are you actually ready to make more money and have a better life experience?

Did you answer 'maybe 'or 'I'm not really sure?'

Well, what will happen if you continue to earn and live the way you do now?

So now are you ready to crush your financial goals and live a better life?

Good! Because that's my specialty and it continues to inspire me every day! I have been helping friends, family and strangers since high school to realize their personal and professional goals, and now I get paid to do what I love to do–uplift my fellow human beings, so they can experience their higher potentials.

Why do I focus on coaching women?

Simply, I have come to believe that they are more advanced than most men, yet they have been manipulated to know otherwise. As a Highly Sensitive Male and the oldest son of a single Mother I could relate to female humans more, since they are typically more willing to be vulnerable, are sensitive and can be much more emotionally intelligent. 

Becoming a father 13 years ago drastically changed the trajectory of my life. I never imagined myself being a father, let alone becoming a stay at home Dad and a Homeschool Dad; but now it's obvious that I would be the one to take on a role traditionally assigned to a female spouse. This experience taught me about the many challenges women, mothers and sensitive men can face on an insensitive planet–and I'm here to help others balance their feminine and masculine energies for optimal living–it's the future of human evolution! 

Are you ready to absolutely destroy limiting beliefs and manifest the personal and professional goals that are most important to you?

If so, then you now have access to a literal gold mine of resources, wisdom, and guidance so you can also experience the abundance that you deserve!

I'm ready when you are, let's do this! Your jackpot is waiting, let’s begin claiming it now!

Leo has been a serial entrepreneur from construction to clothing and skincare, he has a foundation in more than 7 world philosophies, studied at Hofstra University and the American University in Cairo, is an ordained minister of Universal Philosophies & Wellness, and an ICF trained Life Coach. He is now living in his favorite city–St. Petersburg, Florida with his life partner and their two sons TT and Theo.

  • Florida, United States
  • ICF Trained Coach
  • Serial Entrepreneur
Who I Help
  • Business women
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • Women