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Alana Aviel

Learn to work in the Quantum Field to live an Limitless Life


About Alana

Three years ago, Alana emerged from an extended period outside of society. For four years before that she had been traveling around the world studying with a variety of profound indigenous, and spiritual leaders in Africa, South America, and Europe. In the times in between travel, she was living in a camper trailer/incubator in the forest, imbibing the wisdom she had embodied following a soul-shifting motorcycle accident. This expanding, melding and momentous NDE was the first of many departures for Alana from the earth plane, or consciousness, only to return time and time again by choice, bringing messaging and codex for the New Era of life of humanity. In this first departure, she experienced her true birth, fully returning all facets of her soul to her physical body in the conscious dimension. She had awoken as a completely new being. Those close to her witnessed this transformation, noticeably and deeply changed by her experience, imbibed with a new perspective and even a shifted essence and personality!
Following this event, she spent many years closing timelines from the original Alana’s soul path to fully embody the interwoven expression of her own humanity and Starseed light intelligence, whose focus is to share her simple and profound practice using the technology of the etheric, or the akasha.
Alana is encoded in the cloak of rapture-living and profound vibration-shifting vision. She is a renowned channel and guide to shifting timelines of nodal leaders and teachers. Her primary action as an Objective Observer in the Quantum Field is to shine a light within the individual towards the absolute embodiment of themselves as the divine and to unfurl their own mastery and continued evolution. She believes reuniting individuals with their infinite potential is the destiny of each individual and she stops at nothing to bring witness of this to her clients.
Clients have described this method as wildly empowering and magnifying of the life they dream of.
As an Interstellar Emissary, she utilizes many lifetimes of learning to inform and recode earth paradigms and outdated programs that have lost their purpose for the evolution of spirit. In fact, she remains committed to the total obliteration of old paradigm patterns and limitations to being. Her compass is guided through deep compassion for all of humanity and is known to consistently weave the practice of deep forgiveness, for ourselves and others, into all rituals or transmissions. Alana has developed her deep and clear channel to the higher self of the individual and considers herself in service to the limitless higher Self before the individuated self that stands before her. Alana's boldly driven methodology, provides simple and clear methods of self discovery. Whilst on the journey of discovery with Alana individuals soften into recognition of the divine creator embodiment that they are and experience a life of total liberation and freedom into being as a Divine Mind.
By humbly stepping fully into her service as an objective observer and guide in the Akasha, Alana has found the focal point of her work to be in identifying and activating the Keystone of Being for the beautiful and boundless humans of this earth who seek what is yet to be discovered.
Prior to these guided interventions from the divine, Alana Aviel was an individual in constant design and trial and error analysis of the 3rd Dimension.
Some of these timeline closing pursuits that Alana entertained following her NDE included a variety of 3rd-dimensional occupational adventures. This being of the stars had been on an in-depth tour of the earth paradigm, dancing across many disciplines, often making game-shifting observations from behind the desk of many CEOs. Motivated by the path of the original Alana as well as an unquenchable curiosity, she peeked into the working models of what moves this world and accessed what appeared to motivate everything in the first place, by working her way through these systems first hand. At times playing the role of a systems analyst and workflow designer, Alana optimized professionals’ processes, returning to them what she knew as the most precious resource: time. Most frequently, she was found playing the role of a Digital Advisor, bringing simplicity to what’s otherwise an overcomplicated integration of technology in people’s day to day. Simultaneously, she had become an emerging artist in New York, often interweaving subtle and overt messages about individuality through large scale interactive installation art.
On a bold and cold introduction, she was injected into the world of Advertising as the “Red Phone” for brands like Converse, Budweiser, and Captain Morgan simply because she was known to make the impossible possible in no time and with no money.
For a good period of time, Alana was found behind the Genius Bar at numerous Apple Stores country-wide. It was here she found herself learning raw truths about the current state of humanity from a heavy stream of people from all walks of life, simply seeking a lifeline to return to connecting to the world. One develops a deep sense of compassion while interacting with a society profoundly addicted to material and superficial rewards, and she found joy in returning every bit of humanity to an otherwise transactional experience.
Her recent years have been focused on expanding this awareness and diverse toolkit through working extensively with indigenous teachers in the jungles, forests, and ancient sacred places across the globe.
Alana can now be found offering mid blowing classes with Daniel Raphael and Dreamporting, in the Mastery Certification and Guild Programs leading hundreds of spirit driven leaders into the new Dimension of Leadership.

  • Texas, United States
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