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About Frantasia

I am a spiritual transformation coach, relationship strategist, and prophetic voice who uses the word of God, life experiences, and various scholarships to help women.

I guide and support BIPOC women with maternal wounds, in their quest of overcoming issues of abandonment, abuse, and neglect to develop self-love, heal their feminine energy, and find their purpose; so, they can restore their lives, create and rear healthy families, and build strong legacies and communities.

Frantasia works with women to help them build their households from the inside out. Frantasia knows that it is the evolution that happens on the inside that manifests a healthy and wealthy lifestyle externally. Utilizing her passion for people and her intuitive giftings, Frantasia aims to help women heal traumatic wounds that stifle a productive mindset. Being a mother to and daughter of sufferers of mental illness, and a personal overcomer of mental health constraints herself, Frantasia knows first-hand the strain of trying to live life harboring unresolved pain and trauma.

Author of Batter: The Making of One Tough Cookie, Frantasia, illustrates the path of recovery from living a codependent and toxic lifestyle to one of enlightenment, healing, and self-love.

  • Texas, United States
  • mental health trauma coach
Who I Help
  • African American women
  • domestic violence survivors
  • single mothers
  • women in need of direction and guidance
  • women in toxic or codependent relationships
  • women suffering from depression
  • women suffering from grief
  • women with dysfunctional or estranged relationships with their mothers