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Monica Owsichek

I help women live a life they truly desire by letting go of the life they feel they "should" be living.


About Monica

Monica has two degrees, one in business and one in nutrition, and she has received extensive training for years under prominent Intuitive Healer, Tammy Andersen, but her real qualifications are her life experiences of not accepting the loss, grief, and trauma in her life.

This took her down a dark path that was difficult to come out of. She knows what it feels like to struggle, to live a life you feel like you “should” be living versus a life you truly desire. A life where you are trying to please everyone else except for yourself. A life where you get lost and no longer know who you are or what you want. This is what can happen when you resist (consciously or unconsciously) moving through, feeling, and healing trauma in your life.

Monica also knows what it feels like to make it through to the other side . . . where you let go, stop feeling like life is against you, and can see your struggles as life lessons. This is where you will find peace and come back to loving yourself and your life.

Monica has been able to turn her struggles into her passion. She has the unique ability to connect and hold a safe space for women to heal their traumas, so they can reconnect with who they truly are. This allows them to feel empowered to take back control of their lives, so they can start living the life they desire – NOT the life they think they should.

  • Colorado, United States
Who I Help
  • Women