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About Irena

I am a certified coach, originally from Croatia, but currently based in the Netherlands.
I am also a mom, a former perfectionist, and a growth mindset enthusiast, with an interest in neurodiversity and giftedness.

My aim in Tweaks & Strides is to support people in exploring their version of the good life. Sometimes what we need are just minor tweaks in perspective to get us where we want to go. Sometimes a bigger set of strides is needed to get us there. I have the know-how of supporting you through both those paths.

In doing so, I rely on more than 300 hours of theoretical and practical coach training. When needed, I bring in the knowledge of Positive Psychology (the scientific study of what makes people thrive), Neuroscience (the understanding of how the nervous system underlies habits, skills, and behaviors), and Transactional Analysis (the awareness of how we feel, think and behave during communicative interactions with others).

And thanks to the blend of my pedagogical background, coaching skillset, and interpersonal intuition, I can adapt to your needs and gently and aptly support you in your exploration.

  • Netherlands