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About Carlos

Hi there. It's little old I. If you clicked here, you wanna learn more about who I am. Here goes.

1. WHAT I DO - I'm a damn good personal trainer who helps Gen Xers in their mid-30s – late 50s who struggle with weight loss and pain relief develop personalized exercise programs that burn 15 pounds in four weeks so they can raise their kids over their head pain free. I've been a trainer for five years, and have helped dozens of Gen Xers keep up with their kids.

2. MY FAMILY - I live at home with my generous parents. They've been incredibly supportive of me as I've built this training business from scratch. I have a brother I love (but I'll never tell him that to his face), and I'm still looking for Ms. Perfect. Too bad even if she were right in front of me, I wouldn't know it.

3. LET'S BE FRIENDS - If you have ears, a nose, and some eyelashes we're nearly the exact same person. FRIEND ME so we can get to know each other. I always love expanding my social circle!

4. WHERE I LIVE - Outta respect for not owning the home, I won't say the exact address, but I do live in the Oak Hill Park area of southeastern Newton, MA. I've lived in Newton now for 23 years, so I kinda get the town's layout.

5. CONTACT ME - If you're interested in picking my brain about how anatomy relates to exercise, why having a solid, strong core is important, or you're sick of workouts that are getting you nowhere close to your objectives, message me at [email protected], or text me at 617 913 7151 (please be certain to say who you are and that you read this shpiel). You can also always call me at that same number (social interactions, ack, so scary!)

6. YOUR TRUE STRENGTH - If you wanna know how actually tough you are, even if you're not planning on pursuing training, just for fun, go to my website (after I actually make it lol).

7. GET THE CORE GUIDE - I've heard and seen it endless times with new clients, the hardest part about developing an exercise program is beginning. So annoying, gross! If you wanna learn where to start with developing that solid core I've been referencing, download it at my website (after I actually make it lol). You can also send it to a friend who may also be struggling with starting with exercise. They'll think you value them as a person (no really, they will. Promise.)

8. WELCOME! - Welcome to my Facebook home page. I post all sorts of things that are related to exercise, happenings in Newton, and other things I find interesting. If you also live in Newton, send me a friend request so we can connect. Thanks for reading about me. Like 98% of everyone stopped reading after the words "WHAT I DO."

PS Keep flourishing as a person

Carlos Mujun

  • Massachusetts, United States
  • Bachelor's Health Sciences
Who I Help
  • Accountability
  • Busy Parents
  • Exercise
  • Fat Loss
  • Gen Xers
  • Motivation
  • Pain Relief
  • Posture Improvement
  • Working from Home