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About Joseph

My approach to coaching is an eclectic one since I believe every client and their life challenges are unique. I do a thorough intake to get to know my clients. Once I have a complete history, I explore with the client what their goals are and what behaviors they would like to change. I do not use one approach but rather numerous ones to help clients achieve their goals. My experiences as a counselor, an educator, academic advisor, career coach, and college mentor allow me to pull from an array of tools.

What are the benefits you'll get from working with me?

You'll have a trained professional focusing completely on you – and what you want to achieve.
You'll have help identifying what you really want, in every important area of your life, and you'll have help getting it
You'll get help and assistance, not just now and then – you'll have help, week after week.
You'll have help finding your focus, creating the right attitude and the right actions, overcoming obstacles, tracking your progress, and staying motivated.

What areas do I focus on?

Job and Career
Personal Growth
Personal Relationships
Quality of Life
Family Conflict
Behavioral Issues
Stress Management

  • North Carolina, United States