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Taunya Cole

Wherever you are going in life, get there the healthy way.


About Taunya

In 2018, Rewrite Health was birthed. As the founder and CEO, I have been the first participant in the services I offer. I am a mom, nurse, author, and writer who embraces a natural holistic approach to health and being whole.

During my early years as a nurse, I saw the need for illness prevention and health literacy. I gave it the name Rewrite Health. Today Rewrite Health is more than a thought it is my ministry and business.

Today Rewrite Health represents the path back to Eden. It recognizes that healing is more than physical and an intentional process that one must be committed, to gain optimal holistic health. Rewrite Health continues to gain knowledge and create content in the areas of services it offers: Courses, Coaching, and Writing.

As a nurse, I have over 25 years of experience in healthcare. As a writer and author, I have written fiction and nonfiction books. My writing also extends to writing for others.

My mission: To inform the message of truth through writing, coaching, teaching, and nurturing those who desire to understand the beauty and complexities of life that connect them to their purpose and best self.‚Äč

Enjoy your journey,

Taunya S.Cole

  • Texas, United States