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Barb Hatfield

As our child grows, it seems like parenting gets harder - it doesn't have to


About Barb

I am a certified life coach who helps parents make the transition necessary for raising their emerging adult. It's not just our child that is evolving. A change in the way we parent is needed too as our child ages and we prepare to launch them into the world.
Sometimes it's just not possible to discuss your struggles with friends or family. Coaching with me will provide 3 things - (1) a place to completely unload all your struggles and speak openly and honestly without any fear of judgment; (2) sort out the drama from the facts so you know exactly what needs to change; (3) learn how to take your parenting to the next level and build a lasting relationship with your child.

Let your transformation begin. Go to to schedule a free one-hour discovery call and we can discuss a problem on this call.

  • Massachusetts, United States