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Kurly de Guzman

helping you thrive through the evolving world of work


About Kurly

I believe that your career doesn’t start and end with finding a job and achieving professional milestones.

I believe that your career is an evolving masterpiece. It’s a story of nurturing and harnessing the greatness that is already within you and to do work that is meaningful to you and contributes to a higher purpose.

I believe that the world is evolving, and so are you. In McKinsey’s Future of Work website it says, “The world of work is changing. While some jobs will be lost, and others may be created, almost all will change.”

I believe that it’s never too late for a new career, a new you, a new goal, a new strategy.

Have you ever paused and wondered…

💡 How can I keep up and survive all these changes and challenges?
💡 How do I intentionally discover, nurture and harness my inner greatness?
💡 How will I remain relevant in tomorrow’s marketplace?

And for Talent Developers, Human Resources and Managers have you thought about…

💡 How can we better support our employees’ career well-being?
💡 How can we retain talent and protect our organization’s reputation?
💡 How can we show care and concern to our employees even as they leave?

As Career and Leadership Coach, I help you not only in finding quick-fix solutions to your now, but also equip you through the experience of transformative career coaching, so that you can create solutions for your later.


✅ 17 years of combined corporate & coaching experience
✅ Professional Certified Coach (PCC)-credentialed coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
✅ 600+ coaching hours
✅ Coaching professionals from Asia-Pacific including Australia, Singapore and the Philippines
✅ Facilitated workshops to 500+ professionals
✅ Top 7 of 100 Most Influential Filipinos on LinkedIn 2022

Coaching helps. Let's talk.

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📅 (for organizations)

  • Philippines
  • Certified Master in Career Services
  • Global Career Development Facilitator
  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
Who I Help
  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • Start-ups