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About Angela

Hi I’m Ang, I transitioned from being a Small Business Owner to Coaching and Consulting in 2015. My unrelenting curiosity and drive to discover how to create lasting change for myself and others led me to integrate several powerful coaching tools into my coaching practice. My favourite among them is Internal Family Systems Coaching because of its unique approach to uncovering why many of us fail to see the results we truly value in one or more areas of life.

If you've ever set a Communication, Business, Relationship, Wellness or Decluttering goal with 110% determination to succeed and within days or weeks something always seems to discourage or distract you, it is likely a "Part" of your own psyche that subconsciously adopted extreme beliefs, rules and roles during a challenging time in childhood. Some doctors refer to these Parts as your ego, inner critics, inner children, faulty programming, maladaptive behaviours, coping styles or sometimes Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn. IFS refers to these Parts as "Protectors" that often create the very problem that they are trying to protect you from. Often our Protectors become so efficient at their self-appointed roles and reactions that they can override our conscious decisions and create internal "Polarisations" that lead to overwhelm, indecision and a habit of abandoning our own goals, values and priorities.

Where IFS really shines is in its compassionate approach to getting to know all of our Protectors one at a time. While patiently helping each member of our "Internal Family System" to become more attuned to their unique gifts and qualities that became exiled or dormant when they were forced to take on extreme roles to cope with adversity. It is a true gift to witness when our own Protectors get updated from our adult consciousness and become aware of and aligned with their own innate gifts and we actually start to feel more like who we were born to be, instead of who we were forced to be.

Reach out to me if you would like a free 45 minute consultation to determine if IFS Coaching may be the missing piece in your transformation journey. Be assured there will be NO sales tactics or pressure to sign up to anything on this call.

I look forward to meeting you, Ang :D

Polarity: “the quality or condition inherent in a body that exhibits opposite properties or powers in opposite parts or directions” (MIrriam-Webster)

  • New Zealand
  • Coaching for Self Leadership - IFS Institute
  • Foundations of Coaching - ICI
  • Health Coaching - Wellness Coaching Australia
  • IFS Inspired Coaching - IFS Institute
  • Professional Organising & Decluttering - Clutterbug.Me
  • Stepping Stones Training - IFSCA
Who I Help
  • Anyone with longstanding Financial, Relationship, Wellness & Clutter blocks.
  • Business Owners
  • Coaches
  • Emergency Workers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Human Relations
  • Parents
  • Professionals
  • Teachers
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