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About Jennifer

I work with LDS women who are experiencing the shock, fear, and confusion that comes with discovering that a loved one has lost their faith or is leaving the church. Sometimes loved ones’ doubts can even trigger your own doubts, and you feel anxious, lonely, and confused. I can’t make your family regain their faith or return to church activity, but I can help you navigate your own way to finding peace within yourself and greater love and patience for your family.

My goal as a life coach is to provide support for LDS women who want to remain faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ, even if their children or husband lose faith and choose different paths. If this is you, I would truly like to help you in your journey.

I am the mother of four daughters, a grandmother of 13, a wife, an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, part of a mixed-faith family, and a life coach. I used to worry about my family’s faith and about how I fit in at church with a less than "ideal family". I’ve learned that God can take care of His own children and I’ve learned to accept myself and each member of my family just the way we are.


My husband and I met at BYU, married in the temple, started a family and moved to Washington State to raise our children. We had family home evening, prayer and scripture study, went to church, honored the Sabbath, attended the temple, held callings, drove to seminary, sent our children to all the BYU’s, sent out a missionary and saw our daughters married in the temple.

I think we might have been called the typical Latter-day Saint Family.

One of our daughters stopped attending church shortly after high school. Later, two more daughters and my husband made the very difficult decision to step away from the church also.

Suddenly and almost without warning, I was no longer part of a typical Latter-day Saint family. I had recently been called as Relief Society President and felt very exposed at church. I was learning to navigate my new mixed-faith family status.

I didn’t know exactly how I was supposed to relate to my husband and children without the structure of celebrations – blessings, baptisms and ordinations that are built into Mormon life. We were eventually able to figure out milestones without the church to guide us.

Mixed-faith marriages and mixed-faith families can be tricky to get used to. I would be happy to share the lessons that I, and those I have coached, have learned along the way.

  • Washington, United States
  • Certified Life Coach - The Life Coach School
Who I Help
  • Faithful LDS Women experiencing loved-ones losing faith or leaving the church.
  • LDS Women navigating a mixed-faith marriage and/or mixed-faith family.