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About Sayeed

I am an author, speaker, a seasoned professional and an empowering Coach (CCE certified program accredited by ICF), with decades of international experience. I have dealt with innumerous nationalities during my professional career and I am proud and passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through coaching.

However, let me also tell that, for a good part of my youth I have been timid, shying away from any situation that would put me under spotlight. Though I always believed that I am better, never was I able to bring it out, and hardly able to express.

So what changed and how I could transform myself and my life? I am going to share with you the same process that I have put myself through and I would love to see you get unstuck, remove and cross over the blockades causing midlife crisis, say good bye to mediocre life and soar to success to live a life that you always wanted to.

  • India