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Maceo Nafisah Cabrera Estévez

You Don't Have to Write Alone


About Maceo Nafisah

Writing can be daunting, it can be scary, it can be heart-wrenching, and it can also be exciting, joyful, and the giver of life.

You don't have to get an MFA to be a good writer. Don't waste your money as I did.
I always knew that I loved writing and I needed to write. I didn't know that I didn't need a degree to do that. What I needed was direction, and an understanding that writing several drafts isn't a failing; it is part of the writing process.

Between my mami's storytelling and the dozens of books, I checked out from my local public library in Brooklyn, I understood a good story even as a child. Stories are what make us whole, it is what bond us and what makes us understand our connections.

(More to come.)

  • Portugal
  • Author Accelerator: Book Coach in Training
  • MA-Creative Writing, Writing and Consciousness, New College of California 2007
Who I Help
  • ADHD Writers
  • Muslim Writers
  • Neurodivergent Creatives
  • People of the Global Majority
  • Storytellers
  • Writers