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About Dr. Elizabeth

You’re sick & tired of picking yourself apart every day

You believe you’re not good enough —discounting yourself & all your efforts, constantly thinking you could’ve done it better

You feel the weight of your life going a million miles per hour & you can’t seem to catch a break

I see you, oh tired one

When did life get so hard?

And is it always going be this way?

Of course not!

Ok, so you’re feeling stuck in a rut & a bit lost right now—key words “right now” as in temporary

Hear me when I say this:

There is a way through, it does get better, & I can help you speed things up

YOU— like most people on this planet—weren’t taught life skills or given the tools to work through life’s shit storms

I can help you

  • Massachusetts, United States
  • Certified Life Wellness Coach
  • Doctor of Pharmacy
Who I Help
  • Folx who identify as whoever they want
  • Men
  • Moms
  • Parents
  • Women