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Charity Lighten

Helping you embrace and create change!


About Charity

Charity Lighten is a mindset and change coach". She is passionate about helping people make the changes necessary to get you from where you are to where you really want to be (hint, it absolutely must begin in your mind). If you have a "knowing" or a feeling that there is more inside of you... more to give, more to experience, more to achieve... she will give you the tools you need to change (or even transform) your life!

Charity is an author, speaker, and mediocre golfer. Canadian by birth, German by work ethic, American by citizenship, and French by her love of pastries, Charity has shared her messages with thousands of people all over the globe. She has a passion for life, wellness, business, and people. She is eager to share the lessons she has learned as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, CEO, and recent widow. Charity combines a business degree, a graduate degree and over 15 years of experience engaging audiences across every sector.

  • Utah, United States