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Chris Terrell

I'll teach you how to lose all your extra weight for the last time.


About Chris

After being obese for almost 20 years I finally got my act together and lost 125 lbs the right way. Slow and steady. It took me 2.5 years to do it and I've kept it off since then. Now I teach others how to do the same thing I did. How to get the results I got.

I focus on weight loss through working on your relationship with your food, body, and mind. I approach all three of these things because if we don't do that weight loss will probably be temporary.

To put it in a concise a way as possible, I teach people how to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF. I do this because if you don't learn how to keep it off what's the point? Who wants to lose weight and gain it back? I know I don't.

  • Arkansas, United States
Who I Help
  • People looking to lose 50lbs or more
  • weight loss