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Rebecca Jarvis

Helping you turn the grind into the groove


About Rebecca

I’m a passionate wellness warrior, whose life’s work is to help others to simplify stress and amplify ease. I believe an attitude of kindness and inner support is the foundation of wellbeing, and the key to creating positive lasting change. My coaching style is nurturing, uplifting and fun.

As a parent, I understand the challenges of balancing family and everything else. As an introvert, I know that prioritising quiet time helps me feel balanced and at peace. As an advocate of simplicity and slow living, I feel best when there’s space in my home, schedule and mind.

I love helping my clients reframe ordeals into adventures, and see growth in every challenge. I believe when we focus on what we can change: our thoughts, words and actions - we feel hopeful, empowered and confident about the future. I believe mindfulness is medicine for a busy mind, and having tools to soothe and uplift yourself when you’re feeling down, is life-changing. The ultimate goal is for you to become your own inner coach. Supporting yourself with kindness and encouragement, moment to moment.

  • Australia