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About Liisa

Lifestyle habits won't change on their own. When you're ready to rewire, reboot, and challenge your lifestyle, give me a call.

You absolutely can be the woman, the mom, the human you want to be and FINALLY say goodbye to the life habits that are holding you back.

Joining a gym or doing a 2 week cleanse won't work alone. Let's first get your lifestyle in order.

My 4-week lifestyle transformation program is ideal if you are ready to make a lasting change.

I'm going to challenge you to break the habit and ONCE AND FOR ALL say goodbye to the _____ girl!

When you're ready to transform the habits and beliefs that are holding you back, let's get to know each other first with a complimentary 1-Hour BREAKTHROUGH CALL.

In this call you can expect to:

+ Identify lifestyle habits that need to change.
+ Understand the full scope of the 4-week REBOOT program and how we will break through any current beliefs and mindset barriers.
+ Know your expected results and what your 10/10 life looks like. I will explain the process we will go through to get you there.

Let’s start your journey to being unstoppable!

Give me a call. I can't wait to be your resource for change!


Liisa Wagner is a mompreneur, life coach, and passionate advocate for women conquering unwanted and uninvited labels that are placed upon them by themselves and others.

A graduate of York University with a degree in Business Administration, Liisa’s life changed when she realized the corporate world wasn't serving her life's purpose. After exploring numerous careers, living abroad, and raising a family, she realized every road led her back to her visceral desire to empower women —thus began Liisa’s journey to becoming a Certified Life Coach through the Flow Coaching Institute.

Liisa coaches virtually from her home office in West Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • Canada
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA
  • Flow Institute Certified Life Coach, FCC
Who I Help
  • females
  • girls
  • mompreneurs
  • Moms
  • Moms of any age or stage around the globe!
  • Mothers
  • New Moms
  • professional women
  • Stay at home moms
  • teen girls
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