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About Karen

Who am I?

I was always the one wandering around the health food store in my teenage years, trying new things with a keen sense of curiosity for health and wellness and exploration.

I think inherently without really verbalizing it I knew my family history was full of heart disease and lifestyle illness and I didn’t want that fate.

My nature is to problem solve, support, heal and nurture so I received my Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology and went into traditional healthcare. I had intense passion for this work until gradually I realized that traditional healthcare was failing us in many ways and I could no longer be a part of that system. My background in the hospitals put me in a unique position with a wealth of medical knowledge that created a deep foundation.

Fast forward to Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Department and my first health coach training program. I found my tribe…the passion grew.

I was in the first cohort to be Board Certified in the US as a health and wellness coach.

I then had the opportunity to work at the Center for Functional Medicine (CFM) at the Cleveland Clinic and completed my second year long coach training with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) while working at CFM as a health coach. It felt like another master’s degree in functional medicine and was a truly life changing experience.

I created a mindfulness course at the clinic which we taught on a weekly basis, supported patients through behavior and habit change and connected with some of the best and brightest functional medicine minds in the country.

I now manage my own private virtual practice in collaboration with Functional Medicine physicians and providers all over the US and in the UK. My reach as a health coach is worldwide and on a daily basis I am amazed at the courage and strength I see in the clients I coach. It brings me joy, energy and a true sense of purpose.

I also try to practice daily what I talk to my clients about…my day typically is filled with meditation, movement in the form of yoga, rowing, biking and hiking, connection with family and friends and my sweet dog Amica, a sense of spirituality, cooking healthy plant based meals, sharing knowledge on my podcast and always learning and growing.

Truly enjoying life and working hard is part of my healthy lifestyle
I want it to be yours too.

  • Ohio, United States
  • Duke University Integrative Medicine Certified Health Coach
  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
  • National Board Certified Health Coach NBC-HWC
Who I Help
  • Athletes
  • CEO
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High achieving driven women
  • International
  • Stressed women