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About Debbie

My name is Debbie and I specialize in facilitation with women who desire more fulfillment, belonging, prosperity, boundaries, and love in their lives. I also specialize in facilitation with creature companions and animals in the collective. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and have been an Intuitive Life Guide for many years. My practice focuses on simplicity, trust, and great love.

It was through my own profound transformation with PSYCH-K® that I felt called to be a Facilitator, and now am honoured to be part of this service to the planet and the collective consciousness. It is my intention to hold loving, non-judgmental space and help my clients transform subconscious beliefs with PSYCH-K® so they can create the desired reality that is their birthright.

Some examples of PSYCH-K® facilitation scenarios:
* A woman who wants to finally feel safe in the world
* A black lab who got loose and is lost in the woods
* A woman who is entangled with her daughter/mother relationship and wants to set self-honoring boundaries
* A cat who has severe anxiety in her own home
* A dog who is afraid of the vet’s office
* A man who wants to feel appreciated in the workplace
* A zoo/nature park or wild animal who is suffering due to stress or physical trauma

PSYCH-K® is for everyone and can transform disempowering, limiting beliefs about any situation; self-love, grief, health, aging, relationships, openness, wealth, anxiety, boundaries, spirituality, personal power…..the possibilities are endless.

You are invited to visit for further information about this beautiful, permission-based process and the services I offer with animals and people. May the highest good be done for all ~


  • Florida, United States
  • Bachelor of Arts - Psychology
  • PSYCH-K® Basic Course
  • PSYCH-K® Master Facilitators Course
Who I Help
  • Animals
  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Men
  • Moms
  • Women