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Charlotte LaVictoire

Experienced Integrative Health Coach committed to considerate, body-positive care that supports others to discover an authentic, empowered version of health and increase their joy for life!


About Charlotte

I'm a passionate Integrative Health Coach with years of experience. I'm committed to providing considerate care for all bodies with mindfulness-based health coaching to support you in clarifying your personal vision of wellness. You’ll create and achieve meaningful goals that align with your values, develop deeper self-awareness and increase your joy! Ditch the diet culture and weight-cycling, positively shift your mindset, transform your relationship with your body, and discover an authentic, empowered version of health.

I support clients with unconditional positive regard as they examine the habits and aspects of their lives that affect their well-being. I offer person-centered guidance, with the intent to inspire, motivate, and help clients innovate for behavior change transformation that reinforces personal goal achievement and greater health.

My mission is to help you reach your optimal health through active listening, tailoring coaching to your individual needs, working in partnership with you to identify and evaluate obstacles to your ideal vision of wellness, and developing a well-being plan that helps you build a life of sustainable, healthy habits that will support you long-term.

  • Minnesota, United States
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Who I Help
  • Health At Every Size
  • Mothers
  • Parents
  • Women