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About Natasha

As a mind-body coach, I serve anyone who is feeling stuck in their human experience. Disconnection from our mind-body system manifests in different ways including unhealthy habits, chronic pain symptoms, lack of purpose and problematic patterns that continually repeat in our lives. Mind-body coaching brings us awareness, acceptance and balance and helps us solve for what is holding us back in our ability to live the best lives possible.

As a mind-body coach, I will facilitate opportunities for you to discover the embodied truth of what is keeping you stuck and take action in moving toward healing. My goal is for you to learn how to coach yourself, so the best version of you can emerge and grow.

When individuals inhabit mind-body health, the ripple effect creates a better world for us all.

The world requires us to be better. The time has come in our evolution.

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  • Canada
  • Certified breathwork coach
  • Certified dance alchemy facilitator
  • Certified health coach
  • Certified life coach
Who I Help
  • Women experiencing lack of purpose, stress or work-life imbalance
  • Women experiencing mind-body disconnection
  • Women seeking more embodied living and connection to self
  • Women struggling with unhealthy habits or problematic patterns
  • Women who are feeling stuck in their human experience
  • Women who want to drop excess fat and feel at peace in their bodies
  • Women with chronic pain symptoms