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About Katherine

I am a life coach and intuitive healer and I use many different techniques to help women heal their toxic relationship with food. It doesn't matter if you need to lose weight or not, if food is controlling your thoughts and actions there can't be true freedom and joy in your life. Once you take the emotions out of the food it becomes surprisingly easy to have a relaxed natural attitude towards any food.

Because it is never actually about the food and is ALWAYS about our emotions I can help people overcome any emotional blocks that they have. The same issues that cause problems with food also cause problems in many other areas. I might sound strange but the root causes of money issues, procrastination, addictions, poor boundaries, food issues/eating disorders and many other problems that people struggle with are the same.

I use a combination of EFT, visualization techniques, hypnotic language, STT, energy work and my intuition to help people find and permanently remove the underlying emotional reasons why they are struggling.

  • Oregon, United States
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Brittany Watkins Certified Weight Loss Coach
  • Chakra Intuitive Coach
  • Super Coach
  • Tapping into Wealth Coach
Who I Help
  • Anyone who is ready to find and clear the root issues that keep them stuck
  • Women who are 40 + and are tired of being in a toxic relationship with food.