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Rebecca Thompson

Intuitive Therapeutic Coaching | RTC® | guiding you to align with your higher purpose + master your mind ʙʏ transforming your subconscious beliefs


About Rebecca

I’m an Intuitive Coach, qualified in RTC® — therapeutic coaching, and I’m here to guide you toward your life purpose because that is MY purpose.

I use a unique blend of therapeutic coaching, intuition, and energy work. This unique cocktail of healing modalities allowed me to discover who I really am, and what I want out of life. Now, I want to use this powerful combination to help my clients change their lives.

I found My purpose. Are you ready to let me help YOU find yours?

Maybe you know what your life purpose is, but you want to get out of your own way and figure out how to actually LIVE it (like I did), or maybe you have no idea what your life purpose is, but you have always had a sense that there was something MORE for you. Maybe you are happy with your everyday life, but what to feel more meaning and purpose in it. Whatever finding your purpose means to you, you are in safe hands.

There is a myriad of ways we will discover your purpose together, and this is unique for each client. Some of the tools I use are:

Rapid Transformational Coaching
Rapid Transformational Therapy techniques
Regular Coaching
Therapeutic approaches (NLP & CBT)
Inner child work
Energy work
Getting clear on your values
Boundary setting
Goal setting

We may use all of these, or just a few during our time together. The right tool will be used intuitively at the right time for YOU, on your journey. Finding your purpose is a very personal thing.

I offer a safe space where you can explore that and have whatever support you need to do so, from somebody who has been there.

Apply to work with me via my website or send me a message.

  • Ireland
Who I Help
  • CEOs
  • coaches
  • entrepreneurs
  • men
  • mothers
  • therapists
  • women
  • young women