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Jill Wright

I help coaches experience freedom and ease in their business, so they can focus on what they’re called to do.


About Jill

Being a problem-solver is a good thing, right?

Not if you’re a free spirit that is really good at finding problems that you then have to solve.

A lot of problems is not a good thing for a solopreneur.

What a solopreneur needs most is to keep it simple and not overthink things.

If you’re overwhelmed or often worry about the great business you’re building, if want to scale but you don’t want your business to be your life, or if you just want to be more profitable…
You don’t want it to be so hard, maybe it can all be easier.

I know what it’s like to be called to do this work, then meet the harsh reality of how much work it is to build a business, one that you thought would bring you financial freedom and time freedom.

  • Tennessee, United States