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About Angela Kristen

"When you feel good on the inside, you perform better on the outside.

My Productive Flow™ Method is shifting how we approach productivity and goal achievement. Instead of hustling harder and 10xing your day, we work together to find your natural flow so that you can be your true self without the stress, disorganization, or chaos.

Together we’ll seek to understand and clear through the physical and emotional blocks keeping you stuck in overwhelm and self-doubt while guiding you in building the solid strategic foundation your business needs to succeed and scale so you can maximize your income, your happiness, and your free time simultaneously.

I totally get where you’re at right now… You have a business but it’s not where you want it to be and you know you should be getting yourself out there more but all the things you’ve heard of feel icky and salesy and you really don’t want to be “that” person. So you spend your time working on your website and finding ever better systems and tools that constantly keeps you shifting and pivoting instead of having a structured plan in place that you can execute consistently.

This leaves you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, questioning if you’ll ever be able to make your business dreams a reality.

When you get up and walk away from your overly cluttered desk, there’s just mess and disorganization everywhere you look. As the tension builds, you grab some cookies out of the pantry and nibble while you ask yourself why you can’t ever seem to make yourself do the things you know you should and then chastise yourself for ever believing you could be a successful entrepreneur when there’s so many out there doing it better than you, bigger than you, and for longer than you.

I have been there myself, cookie in hand. I get it. Once I discovered the emotion-productivity connection, everything changed.

In fact, when I applied the Productive Flow method to my own business, I was able to take 16 weeks of vacation every year, and in addition to that, take off every Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and finish working by 2pm, Tuesday through Thursday, on a 3 week working month. That's a 45 hour work MONTH! Tons of freedom! The best part though was having a consistent 6 figure income while taking all that time off and that was BEFORE I hired any help. As my business has grown and now begins to scale, my time input hasn’t changed at all. "

As an Integrative Productivity Coach, writer, speaker, and podcast host, Angela serves as a transformational catalyst to business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Angela’s signature method, Productive Flow, integrates emotion, energy, time and focus to help clients create natural productive flow and achieve higher levels of success in business and more importantly, in life.

Angela’s integrative productivity strategies helped her go from chaotic hot mess with big dreams and failed achievements to the woman who raised and homeschooled 5 children while running and growing a successful coaching company, and always creating the perfect balance for herself, her family, and her business, no matter what obstacle presented itself along the way.

What People are Saying about Working with Angela:

“When I first started coaching with Angela I was a mess. I thought I had it together but was far from it! I have been an agent for 17 years and didn’t think there was a coach out there that could help me get from where I was to where I wanted to be. But after one conversation, I knew she was the coach for me! She has not only helped me with my business but with my personal life as well. I have a different approach to life in general, one where I am living the life I have always dreamed of living! One without doubts and fears. One where I am connected to my soul and aware of what is going on with my business and my personal life. I am very excited to see what the future brings but one thing is for use, it will have Angela in it! If you are considering her for your coach, give yourself the gift and have the first call!”

-Dawn L

“Working with Angela has been pivotal for my business. Unlike other coaching programs that are purely transactional, Angela focuses on what business is all about: Relationships. She has the ability to cut through all of the excuses and really focus on what the root of a problem may be. She digs deep into the personal issues I believed I had a handle on, or convinced myself they weren’t important. She shines the light so I can see just how much of an impact all of those emotions I was ignoring have on every other aspect of my life. Since working with her I’ve had huge personal growth, a big shift in my business, and a deeper meaning to why I go to work everyday. I am managing to balance work, life, marriage, kids and myself.”

-Mattie M

"Working with Angela Taylor is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Her soulful and balanced approach to creating a successful business is what drew me to want to work with her. She helped me to discover how to do business in a way that is right for me. After working with Angela I gained a deeper sense of self-confidence working with my clients, I also learned how to find a healthy work/life balance. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach."

-Jordan H

"As a mom of two active girls, a wife to an overachieving husband, and a full time Real Estate agent, life had become complete chaos. I found myself struggling every single day to function, just trying to “get through the day”, and I certainly wasn’t good at or focused on any area in my life. Working with Angela has helped me sort through the personal chaos I was suppressing and, by doing that, has helped me realize how much it was affecting my productivity and focus in my Real Estate career. Since working with Angela, I have had tremendous growth in my personal relationships, a positive shift in my business, and am truly focused on WHY all of these things are important to me. With Angela by my side, I know I will continue to grow in ALL areas of my life!"

-Kristina M

"Angela never ceases to amazing me when I'm struggling she always has the most thought provoking questions to uncover what the real root of my challenge is. The problem is never what I think it is, it's deeper and with Angela's wisdom I'm able to work through it and get back on track within minutes. Now that we're working together within a group program I have the privilege of seeing her instantly see the root of a problem, often it's not what others are even thinking about.
I love being around her and always leave feeling like a better version of myself."

-Rachael W

  • Georgia, United States
  • 20 Years Coaching Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • 27 Years in Real Estate
  • 34 Years in Commission-Based Sales
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Six Phase Meditation Trainer
Who I Help
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Teams
  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs