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Sonja Müller

Life Coaching infused with custom meditation tools


About Sonja

Hi, I’m Sonja. In my coaching practice, I offer you my expertise in the most empowering way, creating and holding space for personal development on all levels, based on the conscious re-connection to your very own inner truth.
Whether you are looking for a substantial change in your personal/inner life or for your way into your own consciously led business or career - I am here to support you in two ways:
Finding out where you want to be, and most importantly, how you get there.
Through conversation, raising consciousness and taking action, the path to the most authentic you unfolds as you create the life that is truly yours and that reflects your inner passion, your inner abundance - your inner gold.

Coaching with me brings you closer to yourself, by re-establishing the inner connection between you and YOU.

Coaching with me lets you realize: YOU have all the power. YOU have all the answers. I am only here to remind you to remind yourself.

Coaching with me uses the powerful combination of ancient mental techniques and contemporary neuroscience, to find the tools that work for you and fit into your life (the present and the future one).

Are you ready to re-discover your own inner gold?

  • Spain
  • B.A. Sociology & Economics
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Therapist