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About Jeff

Dr. Dorman draws from current research, innovative systems, and three decades of experience. He is committed to helping people like you find the breakthrough that will lead you to greater personal well-being, healthier relationships, greater productivity and success.

- You will gain new understandings and build new skills
- You will be inspired to be your very best and to draw strength from beyond yourself
- You can discover the power of collaboration and looking for the win/win
- You will experience calibrated support and challenge that fosters personal development
- You will gain influence as you become a leader worth following
- Your business can create a culture of authentic success that promotes healthy people AND remarkable productivity.

Jeff is known for:
- Demonstrating care for clients and their well being
- Commitment to fight for the highest possible good in the lives of others
- Empowering people toward the significance and success they desire
- Raising the effectiveness and productivity of individuals, teams, and organizations
- A sense of humor and the ability to make growth fun, fascinating, and energizing.

  • Minnesota, United States
  • GiANT Worldwide Certified Leadership Coach
  • Positive Intelligence Certified Mental Fitness Coach
Who I Help
  • Companies that want invincible teams
  • Individuals who want a breakthrough
  • Leaders who want to be worth following
  • People seeking greater productivity and success