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About Christine

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Helping service providers and business owners optimize time, impact, and profit.
Build your life and business without compromising your health.

"It may be complex but doesn't have to be complicated, and we can have simple answers with challenging journeys, but it's never impossible." - Christine Troy

My practice provides a combination of practical ancestral and modern day strategies for the most impactful transformations. I have over 10 years of service experience and retail knowledge in the health and beauty communities assisting business owners in conducting fluent operations while upholding values and standards in synchronicity. With a great understanding of cross-pollinating ecosystems I help my clients create procedures that reduce energy leaks to support themselves and their community to thrive both personally and professionally. I've facilitated and hosted events for business professionals in continued education, peer building activities, as well as interactive teachings and promotional events in communities. The foundation of my work began when I experienced burnout that led me to the hospital with months of recovery. Since this pivotal moment I became educated to help people change the trajectory of their life by combining multiple self development categories to support all areas of life. I've had many professional roles such as business operations, executive assistant, company liaison, social media marketing, project and event management, integrative beautician, and functional fitness expert.

Coaching Experience:

Life Coaching - Awareness, identity, relationship with self, confidence, boundaries, behavior patterns, belief systems, internal dialogue, accountability, relationships, energy management, and emotional intelligence.

I host safe spaces for vulnerable conversations that promote learning, healing, and growth to deepen self connection and confidence, improve boundaries, restructure beliefs with embodiment, energetics, empowerment and motivation to take impactful and intentional action.

Health Coaching- Kinesiology, physiology, holistic nourishment, and behavioral change. Training styles; Weight training, calisthenics, HIIT/LIIT, CARS/PARS, and somatic practices.

My clients build a strong and healthy physique by removing restrictions and adding variety in their mind, move, and nourish plans making achieving health goals attainable and fun, while eat delicious wholesome dishes and train any time, any where, any way.

Business Coaching - Phychology of a CEO, productivity and time management, leadership, streamlining systems, social marketing, branding, sociology of community, and optimizing income streams.

In business you’re either building, maintaining, or scaling your intricate service-based businesses and I show you how to make it fun and simple by structuring ecosystems to streamline workflows using aligned practical strategies that avoid burnout, nurture leads, clients, and community.

  • Oregon, United States
Who I Help
  • coaches
  • entrepreneurs
  • service providers