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Ashley Ghose

Empowering overwhelmed women with simple, practical tools to take back their power to lead a meaningful life!


About Ashley

I’ve always been a purpose-driven individual. As a physical therapist, my purpose was to help my patients rebuild their lives. I was driven to become an empowerment mentor (life coach) to help more women to improve their life's for the better.

I created my signature program, Lead a Better Balanced Life, while healing from the trauma of burnout. My program is based on my knowledge as a physical therapist, the tools and strategies I have implemented into my life as well as researched on the subjects as mental health and the importance of the mind and the body working together. The five pillars of my signature program are mental strengthening, emotional management, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, and wellbeing management.

  • Michigan, United States
  • Liscened Physical Therapist
  • Nia White Belt Instrutor (fitness)
  • Positive Psycology
Who I Help
  • Exhausted high achieving women