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Richard Strother

I support men who’ve lost their wife/partner through death or divorce through the entire process of finding a mind-blowing, life-altering, supportive and loving relationship.


About Richard

I’ve found most men who are trying to find a new partner (especially after the loss of their wife/partner) are at a loss with the prospect of dating again. From doubts of even being able to find someone special to seeing personal insecurities as an obstacle the view from inside one’s own head can be overwhelming.
Then there are the dating sites, full of lofty promises that can feel more like a shady casino where the rules are posted but it feels like not everyone is playing by them. The lack of alternatives makes these sites feel like “the only game in town”. Fortunately, the truth is that with the right clarity, attitude and method, dating sites can be exactly the right way to find and connect to that special someone… simply and even enjoyably so you both come out winners.

A few years ago I was the loving and devoted husband, breadwinner, and caregiver. On an overcast October day at half past noon, Sam passed away peacefully. It wasn’t a surprise; Samantha had received her diagnosis the January after we were married. In the nine years that followed we did the best we could to enjoy every opportunity that life afforded us.

Those of you who’ve been through this know what happens next. The paperwork and bureaucracy, the arrangements, the condolences from family, friends and colleagues (many of whom don’t know what else to say).
When all that is over, our family and friends have receded into their routines, is when we are left to figure out what our lives are supposed to look like. Like me, you find that you’re better with a partner, someone to laugh with and share simple moments, who effortlessly inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.
So I embarked on my search, grateful to have been blessed with over a decade of experience as a teacher/trainer with advanced skills in applied psychology, neurolinguistic programming, relationship and leadership building and far better than average technical proficiency to aid me in my quest.
Was it a smooth or flawless path? The kind of polished success story one would see in social media feeds or Disney movies? Not by a long shot! I had some rough times and made a few mistakes, but I firmly believe that life happens for us, not to us. All my experiences, training, and skills led me to adapt, learn and distill a clear and effective methodology to help other widowers avoid my perils and pitfalls. I met some incredible people and made a few remarkable friends while I got clear and learned what I needed. That clarity and methodology led me to the magnificent woman who inspires me to live the fullest expression of myself and makes every day better simply by being in my life. Now I am devoted to helping other widowers gain clarity, present authentically, and successfully navigate online and face-to-face dating to find rich, fulfilling, and loving relationships.

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